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We began as a women's small group and have been inspired to create more opportunities for more women to experience the closeness to God and the fellowship with other women who love Him that we all crave. We have also found a real desire in women's hearts to have a safe place and time to fellowship and connect, and that this loving atmosphere makes it possible to be open, honest and transparent and to receive love, wisdom and support. We find strength, energy and Godly direction for spiritual growth TOGETHER!

Our Mission
Our mission is that each woman we meet knows that through her personal RELATIONSHIP with God through Jesus Christ she is saved, she knows who she is in Christ and that she knows all that means. And through this relationship she is FREE to BOLDLY come before Him in prayer and to learn and grow so she can live out the beautiful, abundant life He has designed for her by actively seeking Him, His Word and serving with the unique gifts she has been given.
Our Motto
Humble in who we are, 
BOLD in Whose we are,
Gathered together in His Name.